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[movies]Shahidul Alam: Photography's power - PopTech
After an acclaimed career as a documentary photographer, Bangladeshi Shahidul Alam dedicated his life to bringing photography to the people. He started a number of projects and initiatives--including Pathshala, the South Asian Institute of Photography; Chobi Mela, the festival of photography in Asia; and Majority World, a global community interest initiative formed to provide a platform for indigenous photographers.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Culture; Art; Community; Photography; DIY
Downloads: 77
[movies]Deb Levine: 21st Century Sex Ed - PopTech
2009 PopTech Fellow Deb Levine founded ISIS - Internet Sexuality Information Services - in 2001 to promote sexual health. Using the web, mobile phones and other media, ISIS gives people private and convenient access to information on critical health issues like HIV prevention and unplanned pregnancies.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Education; Technology; Fellows; PopTech 2009; Social Innovation Fellows 2009; Women; Youth; Internet
Downloads: 435
[movies]George Bonanno: Measuring human resilience - PopTech
George Bonanno, a professor of clinical psychology, mines massive data sets for surprising revelations about how human beings cope with loss, trauma and other forms of extreme adversity. "There isn't one thing that predicts resilience. It's not two things. It is not necessarily in us."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Mind; PopTech Iceland 2012; Psychology; Resilience
Downloads: 244
[movies]John Legend: Wake Up - PopTech
Accompanied only by his piano, Grammy award-winning recording artist and philanthropist John Legend performs the soulful "Wake Up" and "Shine" from his album, Wake Up!, including a song that appears on the soundtrack to the documentary Waiting for Superman.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Culture; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 2,608
[movies]Ellen Langer: Mindfulness over matter - PopTech
Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer discusses the surprising power of being present during everyday activities. "We have many, many studies that suggest that the limits we assume are real are artificial, and that we don't have to accept them at all."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; mind; PopTech 2013; psychology
Downloads: 354
[movies]Erin McKean: Slow rebellion - PopTech
Founder of Reverb Technologies, Erin McKean catches the PopTech audience up on the evolution of her unique online dictionary, Wordnik, since she first introduced it at PopTech 2008. She unveils the next phase of the Wordnik mission in this lively talk.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Data; Education; Internet; Language; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 17
[movies]Joi Ito: A necessary rebellion - PopTech
MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito gives his unique take on the nature of rebellion and the need to foster a creative, rebel spirit in the leaders of tomorrow.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Creativity; Innovation; Internet; PopTech 2014; Youth
Downloads: 29
[movies]Yossi Sheffi: The resilient enterprise - PopTech
Yossi Sheffi explores the various flavors of redundancy, simplicity, flexibility and communications strategies businesses employ to make themselves resilient. "These are the most dangerous things; the things that have severe consequence and low probability...These are the events one worries about when one has to run a large organization."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Behavioral economics; Business; Governance; Mobile; PopTech Iceland 2012; Resilience
Downloads: 220
[movies]Pedro Alonzo with artists - PopTech
Renowned curator Pedro Alonzo sits down with preeminent street artists Swoon and Vhils, and Fame festival organizer Angelo Milano to discuss the issue of agency in reclaiming public space in the name of art.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Art; Creativity; Culture; Geography; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 20
[movies]Justin Gallivan: Custom Bacteria - PopTech
2010 Science and Public Leadership Fellow Justin Gallivan is amazed by bacteria. You can get them to do almost anything. For instance, e. coli bacteria can be programmed to eat atrazine, a widely used herbicide that contaminates ground water. The key? Being able to program them to solve pressing eco-challenges.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Environment; PopTech 2010; Water; Ecology
Downloads: 57
[movies]Regina Dugan w/ John Maeda - PopTech
Google's Regina Dugan sits down with John Maeda for a discussion about the importance of the small rebellion, and what happens when you love what you do. And pirates.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Activism; Interview; PopTech 2014; PopTech 2014 Q&A; Psychology; Stories
Downloads: 26
[movies]Sarah Lewis: Power of wonder - PopTech
Renowned scholar and critic Sarah Lewis contemplates the power of wonder and the importance of the arts not just as a luxury but also as a dynamic force behind some of the most impactful changes in human history.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Art; Creativity; Culture; Literature; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 22
[movies]Ned Breslin: Fixing the Water Crisis - PopTech
"Is water still running?" is perhaps the most important question for water initiatives worldwide, concludes Water for People CEO Ned Breslin. He's tired of seeing broken hand pumps and taps litter Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These signs of failed projects underscore the critical need to overhaul water aid for real impact.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Development; Water; Mobile; Data; Innovation; Africa; PopTech 2010; Social Innovation
Downloads: 111
[movies]Kari Stefansson: Decoding genetics - PopTech
Dr. Kari Stefansson is recognized as a leading figure in human genetics who studies the fuzzy relationship between genetic mutations and environmental factors. "Where is the line of distinction between nature and nurture? Where is the line of distinction between genes and environment? It really doesn't exist."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Biology; Evolution; PopTech iceland 2012
Downloads: 499
[movies]Eben Upton: Raspberry Pi - PopTech
Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, shows how he is hooking a new generation of kids on computer programming. "I remember sitting down with my wife for dinner...and we had this sudden, appalling realization that we had promised 600,000 people that we would build them a $25 dollar computer."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; DIY; Emerging technology; PopTech iceland 2012; Robotics; Sustainability; Youth
Downloads: 4,402
[movies]David Eagleman: Brain over mind? - PopTech
David Eagleman is a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His areas of research include time perception, vision, synesthesia, and the intersection of neuroscience with the legal system. He is a pioneer on the power of the unconscious brain. "Are we free to choose how we act? Is the mind equal to the brain?"
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Brain; Mind; Neuroscience; PopTech 2012
Downloads: 100
[movies]Margret Pala: Educating children differently - PopTech
Margret Pala is a preschool management specialist in Iceland who advocates sex-segregated classes, natural play material instead of conventional toys, and a long-forgotten belief in discipline to develop optimism, courage, and resiliency in young children. "Feel the cold! I even take them into the snow -- and then the lava. Scream a little bit! But continue! And enjoy it!"
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Culture; Education; PopTech iceland 2012; Youth
Downloads: 491
[movies]Maria Popova w/ John Maeda - PopTech
Brain Pickings' Maria Popova sits down with John Maeda for a brief discussion on writing, curating, caring and the importance of sleep.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Internet; Journalism; Literature; PopTech 2014; PopTech 2014 Q&A
Downloads: 29
[movies]Erik Hersman: Africa on the rise - PopTech
Erik Hersman asks us to shed outdated notions of Africa as a unified place plagued by starvation and war. Between mobile phone innovations like M-PESA, social networking like MXit and entrepreneurial spaces like Maker Faire Africa, Hersman sees innovation and entrepreneurship exploding within some of Africa's--and the world's--fastest growing economies.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Economics; Culture; Development; Africa; DIY
Downloads: 40
[movies]Dean Ornish: Healthy Connections - PopTech
For more than thirty years, Dr Dean Ornish has demonstrated the power of a healthy lifestyle as the best kind of preventive care. These choices, Ornish reveals, are can turn on" disease-preventing genes and "turn off" genes that promote illness. Dr. Ornish has published a number of best-selling books on the subject; the most recent is The Spectrum.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Medicine; Food; Science; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 391
[movies]Ayah Bdeir: Call for coup d'etat - PopTech
littleBits founder Ayah Bdeir calls for a rebellion against the mental laziness that lets us turn over control of our lives to untested and dubious technologies designed solely to make our day-to-day existences easier.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; DIY; Engineering; Innovation; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 14
[movies]Josh Klein: FSCK rebellion - PopTech
You're doing it wrong. Hacker Josh Klein complicates commonly held notions about rebellion and its connotations of progress. If hacking can be defined as efficiently challenging the status quo, then how can we apply the idea of the "elegant hack" to rebellion writ large?
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Innovation; PopTech 2014; Technology
Downloads: 17
[movies]Kacie Kinzer: Robot Love - PopTech
Designer Kacie Kinzer explores what technology can reveal about empathy and cooperation. So she built a Tweenbot, a cardboard robot equipped only with "cuteness and a flag that says 'help me'" to elicit help from passersby. With the help of 29 strangers, the tiny robot crossed NYC's Washington Square Park in just 42 minutes.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Design; Robotics; Funny; Urbanization; Culture; PopTech 2009; Crowdsourcing
Downloads: 90
[movies]Gideon Obarzanek and Reuben Margolin: A meeting of the minds - PopTech
Collaborators Reuben Margolin, a kinetic sculptor and Gideon Obarzanek, a choreographer, met at the 2009 PopTech conference. They instantly bonded over the shared themes in their respective mediums and began creating a piece together called "Connected." Their collaborative effort, a couple of years in the making, is now touring worldwide.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; PopTech 2011; Art; Design; Collaboration; PopTech 2009; Play
Downloads: 47
[movies]Bellagio/PopTech Fellows 2014 - PopTech
2014 Bellagio Fellow Robtel Pailey gives an impassioned talk about the importance of creating dignified livelihoods in places where political instability, epidemic disease and violence have wreaked havoc on social structures.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Bellagio; Fellows; Fellows 2014; livelihoods; PopTech 2014; social innovation
Downloads: 30
[movies]Jonathan Rothberg: DNA Testing - PopTech
After his infant son was rushed to intensive care, Jonathan Rothberg was driven to invent high-speed DNA sequencing. His work ushered in the era of personal genetics and today his technology is used in laboratories and medical centers all over the world. Rothberg's efforts led the way towards the first sequence of an individual human genome.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; PopTech 2011; Science; Biology; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 77
[movies]Regina Dugan: Love and work - PopTech
Google's Regina Dugan shares an incredibly moving personal story about her most important fight and how the lessons she learned during those dark days have shaped her worldview.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Activism; PopTech 2014; Psychology; Stories
Downloads: 19
[movies]Anab Jain: Designing the future - PopTech
Anab Jain talks about design in a future world of insect cyborgs, mass surveillance, DNA monetization and guerilla infrastructure. "This sort of speculative work explores the remarkable potential of technology and its new experiential aesthetics."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2013; Technology
Downloads: 62
[movies]Ben Goldacre Talks Bad Science - PopTech
Author of the Guardian's weekly "Bad Science" column and Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks, British physician Ben Goldacre dismantles the questionable science behind an assortment of drug trials, court cases, and events of our time.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Health; Culture; Politics; Education; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 149
[movies]Stephanie Coontz: On Marriage - PopTech
What makes an ideal marriage? Stephanie Coontz, a professor of history and family studies and author of "Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage," says that marrying for love is a radical idea. Ironically, as marriage is becoming a more emotionally satisfying relationship, it is also becoming less stable as an institution.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Culture; Psychology; PopTech 2010; Language
Downloads: 255
[movies]Project M update - PopTech
PopTech president Leetha Filderman, former frog design president Doreen Lorenzo and Robert Fabricant sit down for an update on Project Masiluleke, an AIDS awareness and education campaign in South Africa.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Education; HIV; Medicine; PopTech 2014; Social innovation
Downloads: 18
[movies]Moran Cerf: Hacking the brain - PopTech
Moran Cerf is a neuroscientist who has shown how to project patients' thoughts onto a screen in front of their eyes by implanting electrodes deep inside their brains and reading the activity of cells. Oh, and he used to rob banks. "There are at least two people inside our mind."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Brain; Mind; Neuroscience; PopTech 2012
Downloads: 34
[movies]Paola Antonelli: Walk the walk - PopTech
MoMA curator Paola Antonelli takes on the "good girls" of design by complicating commonly accepted notions of what design is and does in the modern world. With exhibitions on video games, violence, and the beautiful lethality of everyday objects, Antonelli shows us the primary job of the curator is to provoke, not comfort.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Architecture; Art; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 20
[movies]Joi Ito w/ John Maeda - PopTech
MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito sits with John Maeda for a wide-ranging talk on education, bamboo hunting and what he's learned from the Fukushima disaster.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Creativity; Innovation; Internet; Interview; PopTech 2014; PopTech 2014 Q&A; Youth
Downloads: 24
[movies]Susan Casey: In Awe of Waves - PopTech
Susan Casey wrote her latest book, The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean, after researching the beautiful, mysterious and terrifying behavior of waves for the past three years. Casey recounted astonishing tales of misfit waves from around the world and what drew her to confront them firsthand.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; Ocean; PopTech 2010; Business
Downloads: 246
[movies]eL Seed: The Art of Calligraffiti - PopTech
eL Seed is a French artist who creates large-scale works of art combining the vernacular of street art with Arabic calligraphy. What he calls "Calligraffiti" is his response to both his role as an Arabic artist in a Western-dominated art world as well as his role as an artist of the "streets."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2011; Language; Art; Community; DIY
Downloads: 136
[movies]Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek - PopTech
Imogen Heap plays a stripped-down version of what she says is her most popular song, "Hide and Seek." It came together by accident one night when her computer died and she was forced to look at her instruments in a new way.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; Art; Environment; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 526
[movies]Vincent Horn: 3-act rebellion - PopTech
Buddhist Geeks’ co-founder Vincent Horn describes a personal journey that took him from contemplative neophyte undergrad to mind-hacking technophile who brings together Silicon Valley and Buddhist tradition in a unique attempt to reduce the world's suffering.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Brain; Community; Faith; Mind; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 23
[movies]Shaily Mahendra: Bioremediation - PopTech
In a process called bioremediation, Shaily Mahendra uses bacteria and fungi to indicate levels of pollution and ecosystem health. These same microorganisms can also be used to detoxify a wide variety of environmental pollutants, restoring a contaminated environment back to its healthier state.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2011; Ecology; Biology; Innovation; Science Fellows; Resilience; Emerging Tech; Science Fellows 2011
Downloads: 100
[movies]Bhagwan Chowdhry's Financial Access at Birth - PopTech
Bhagwan Chowdhry started Financial Access at Birth (FAB), which aims to give every child born in the world an initial deposit of $100 in an online bank account so the next generation would have access to financial services in a few decades.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Economics; Development; Poverty; Design; DIY
Downloads: 16
[movies]Pieter Hoff's Groasis waterboxx - PopTech
Dutch bulb grower, Pieter Hoff has an idea about how to make deserts bloom: capture the humidity in the air, store it in a box, and use that condensation to water plants. He calls this box the Groasis waterboxx and he thinks it can change how we feed the world and reduce greenhouse gases.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; PopTech 2010; Ecology; Green; Sustainability; Water; Innovation
Downloads: 313
[movies]Andrew Cotton: Waves and dreams - PopTech
Andrew Cotton recounts his journey from wayward beach bum to gainfully employed plumber to one of the world's foremost big wave surfers in this powerful story of the importance of never giving up on your dreams.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; Ocean; PopTech 2014; Sports; Stories
Downloads: 61
[movies]Siddhartha Mukherjee: The Cancer Puzzle - PopTech
Siddhartha Mukherjee's fascination with cancer is rooted not just in how to fight it, but in where it originated. Discovering almost nothing on the subject, the cancer physician and researcher wrote "Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer," that explores the history of the disease that causes one-quarter of all American deaths.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Medicine; Health
Downloads: 253
[movies]Krista Tippett: On Being - PopTech
Krista Tippett hosts her popular radio show "On Being" live from the PopTech stage with regular contributors Parker Palmer and Courtney Martin as they discuss the human aspect of rebellion.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Activism; Faith; Journalism; Literature; PopTech 2014; Psychology
Downloads: 30
[movies]Doreen Lorenzo: Leadership - PopTech
“Quirky” president Doreen Lorenzo speaks about how to lead and guide creative people to do great things.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Collaboration; Creativity; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 20
[movies]David Eagleman on Possibilianism - PopTech
Neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman introduces the concept of Possibilianism, a new philosophy that simultaneously embraces a scientific toolbox while exploring new, unconsidered uncertainties about the world around us.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2010; Psychology; Neuroscience; Mind
Downloads: 138
[movies]H. Sebastian Seung: Connectomics - PopTech
Computational neuroscientist H. Sebastian Seung conducts pioneering research on the wiring of the brain, and what it reveals about genetics, personality, and memory. Seung suggests that complex maps of neural connective structures, or connectomes, will reveal that our experiences literally shape our brains.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Neuroscience; Living Systems DC Salon 2010; Mind
Downloads: 237
[movies]Arbabi and Hosseini: “The Daily Show” of Iran - PopTech
Saman Arbabi and Kambiz Hosseini started a satirical television show, Parazit, broadcast on Voice of America. Today, it is an international phenomenon, drawing more than 700,000 followers. They use the power of satire combined with content from citizens on the street to expose injustices happening across Iran.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; PopTech 2011; Culture; Politics; Democracy; Journalism; Funny
Downloads: 387
[movies]Donna DCruz: Is-ness business - PopTech
Celebrity DJ and Rasa Living founder Donna D.Cruz leads the PopTech audience on a dip into bliss during this meditative interlude.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Entertainment; Mind; PopTech 2014
Downloads: 41
[movies]Assaf Biderman: Sentient Cities - PopTech
Assaf Biderman is the Associate Director of the SENSEable City Laboratory, an MIT university research group that explores the "real-time city" by studying how distributed technologies can be used to improve our understanding of cities and create a more sustainable ways of interacting in urban environments.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Mapping; Climate; Urbanization; Visualizations; Data; PopTech 2009; Mobile
Downloads: 27
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